A Special Message from Mr. Dion:

Mr. Joel’s Art Class
Online Resources for Making Art from Home

Hello Students & Parents! 

I’ve been missing you all greatly throughout this crazy event! Our days spent creating in the art room seem so far away, yet it’s only been over two weeks! I know your classroom teachers have been working hard at maintaining your progression in math, reading and other areas. I wanted to give you access to some different art projects, challenges, prompts, videos and readings to give your mind a space to relax and maybe use the current events, feelings and ideas that are forming to keep creating. So! On this page you will find many links to virtual tours of museums, art challenges & prompts for making art, book readings with art related projects, some how to videos and I will be posting videos and updates about the art that I will be creating while we are at home. I’ve been working on organizing a few projects such as ceramics (clay pottery), painting (mostly related to organic colors and shapes) with oil paints and maybe some sculptures! Please keep in touch and check in on this page to see what’s new each week. If you have any questions or would like to send in any artwork you’ve been working on, please send it to [email protected] and I will respond and post the work as soon as possible. If there are any projects you would like to see or learn about- let me know!  

I hope you all are enjoying time with your family and being safe!

Yours Truly,
Mr. Joel “Crunchy Peanut Butter” Dion

Finding the Value in Your Surroundings

Art Value Pic

Found Object Color Wheel Challenge!

Since we are away from school and may not have access to our art supplies, we will be using Items found around our homes to create a color wheel.  There is color everywhere in our lives! You are welcome to use art supplies like crayons and markers if you have them. But, try to think outside of what art normally is created with. Think about what colors are in your everyday life. Plastic cups, boxes, toys, clothes, shoes, food, books, paper, pillows, leaves, anything!

The color wheel helps us remember and organize colors by their relationships to each other. For instance: The PRIMARY COLORS are Red, Yellow and Blue.  These three colors when mixed together in different combinations make all the other colors, like The SECONDARY COLORS : Orange, Green and Purple. The color wheel is set up so that the secondary color that is created by mixing two primary colors, goes in the space between those two colors on the color wheel. Look at the color wheels below to find Orange. It should be sitting between the two colors that are mixed to make orange: Red and Yellow. Green should be between the two colors that are mixed to make green: Blue and Yellow. And Purple should be between Red and Blue which are mixed to make purple. There are many other colors, and variations of VALUE (light to dark) and HUE (intensity of the color). You can bring as many colors as you would like into your color wheel, but first make sure you have your Primary and Secondary colors covered! 

Click the attachment below to unlock the directions for this Color Wheel Challenge!

Found Object Color Wheel Attachment

Andy Goldsworthy Project

Elements of Art Scavenger Hunt

Texture 1
Texture 2

Joel Dion, HCES Art Instructor
[email protected] 

Stem Guitar Activity

Stem Guitar Pic

Design Principles

Elements of Art & Principles of Design Challenges

Sketchbook Challenge!

You do not need a sketchbook to do this. You can make art on anything! Napkins, newspaper, magazines, in the dirt outside! Draw, paint, color or sculpt a picture, image or form for every day of the month! Draw the first thing that comes to mind when you read the prompt. Take a picture and e-mail it to Mr. Joel and he will post them in an online gallery for us to see and compare! Click on the attachment below for the April Sketchbook Challenge Prompts.

Key Resources & Attachments

Drawing a Bridge
Book Reading & Drawing Activity