School Safety & Youth Mental Health Contact Information

Christopher B. Combass

Tel:  386-792-7814

[email protected]

FortifyFL Suspicious Activity Reporting App

Suspicious Activity Reporting Tool

FortifyFL Anonymous Reporting Tool

It is important to remember that if you See Something, Say Something.  With FortifyFL, you can easily submit information about potential crimes or threats which will immediately be forwarded to law enforcement and designated school personnel.  Download the FortifyFl App on your mobile device today or go to

First Responder Recognition Lunch Program

Youth Mental Health Website

Youth Mental Health First Aid (Click Here)

Hamilton County Development Authority Partnership

Hamilton County Development Authority

Special thanks to the Hamilton County Development Authority for continuing to support educational and safe school initiatives!  Together, we are making a difference!  Check out these new FortifyFL advertisements sponsored by the HCDA!

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