The Hamilton County School District in conjunction with Hamilton County Emergency Management are working with the National Weather Service out of Jacksonville, for the most up to date predictions and safety recommendations for Tropical Depression #9 in Hamilton County.

The Hamilton County School District and all schools in Hamilton County will be operate as normal on Thursday, September 1, 2016.

The safety and security of our students/staff is our first daily concern.  As Tropical Depression #9 approaches hurricane strength, it appears on a direct track to pass over Hamilton County early Thursday evening and through Friday morning.  We are monitoring the storm path and progress to make sure our students and staff are safe and will not put in harms way.

Wind and rain are the major concerns with this storm.  There are additional safety concerns when maximum sustained winds exceed 35 MPH.  When winds exceed 35 MPH, it is NOT safe to operate school buses in any fashion.

If weather becomes a safety issue for students, staff, transportation, or school operation, the District will communicate directly to the community via phone callouts, school callouts, TV, radio, as well as web page and social media updates.

More updates to follow over the next 24 hours.  If a decision needs to be made altering school operations based on recommendations from Emergency Management, expect a communication Thursday evening by 6 pm.