Administrative Services Staff

Director of Administrative Services

Philip Pinello    386-792-7815

Administrative Assistant for Personnel

Julia Cooper     386-792-7816

Business Services

Director of Business Services

Michael Vinson     386-792-7818

Payroll Specialist

Michele Aultman     386-792-7821

Employee Benefits Specialist

April Perez     386-792-7835

Fiscal Assistant - Accounts Payable

Cindy Pittman     386-792-7820

Fiscal Assistant- Purchasing & Accounts Receivable

Brandy Morgan     386-792-7836

FIscal Assistant- Projects & Grants

Tim Faulkner     386-792-7834

HCHS Bookkeeper

Katie Ginn

Tel: 386-792-7833

HCES Bookkeeper

Meghan Lloyd

Tel: 386-792-8013

Federal Programs

Coordinator of Federal Programs

Phyllis Porter     386-792-7807

Administrative Secretary


Data Clerk

Phillis Johnson     386-792-7809


Exceptional Student Education

Coordinator of Exceptional Student Education

Betty Linton     386-792-6591

Administrative Secretary

Shelly Head     386-792-6515

ESE Staffing Specialist

Terry Miller     386-792-6516

ESE Staffing Specialist

Amanda Bennett    386-792-7853

Food & Nutrition Services

Coordinator of Food & Nutrition Services

Ida Daniels     386-792-7805

Administrative Secretary

Mavis Troy     386-792-7804

Transportation and Facilities

Maintenance Supervisor

Craig Newsome     386-792-7903

Transportation Supervisor

Ward Daniels     386-792-7901

Administrative Secretary

Angela Moody     386-792-7900

Information Technology

Coordinator of Information Technology

Emily Jenkins  386-792-7826

Safety and Mental Health

Coordinator of Safety and Mental Health

Chris Combass 386-792-7814

Family and Community Outreach

Community Outreach Coordinator

Paula G. Williams 386-792-7808