Language Arts Textbook Adoption
2020 - 2021)

After receiving valuable input from stakeholders, the Hamilton County School District has selected McGraw-Hill School Education as the vendor of choice for our 2020-2021 Language Arts Textbook Adoption.  Please take a few minutes to review the links provided.  Procedures for objecting to the selected materials are listed below.  

Objection to Adopted Instructional Materials Process

If you would like to contest any of the selected materials, please fill out the attached Objection to Materials form and email your response to [email protected] by 6/10/21.

Important Forms

McGraw-Hill Login 
Click Here

Grades K-5:
User:  FLwondersstudent
Password:  FLwondersstudent

Grades 6-12:
User:  FLstudysyncstudent
Password:  FLstudysyncstudent